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30 Aug
Elderly man smiles while playing piano with young girl.
Stay in Tune With the Help of MyPlace Self-Storage

Having trouble storing your piano? Do you need a better solution for keeping it in good shape while you move, renovate, or temporarily live in an extra small space? Since pianos and other wooden instruments, like guitars, are especially sensitive to changes in temperature and moisture, it’s paramount that they are stored properly. In this...

22 Jun
Person with gloves and noise-canceling headphones leaning on a lawn mower.
Lawn Equipment Storage Ideas for Small Businesses

In the early stages of entrepreneurship, it can often feel like everything is stacked against you, especially if it’s new territory. Even if you’ve owned a small business for a couple of years, you probably know more than anyone else that you don’t have it all figured out. Who can blame you for that? There’s...

11 May
Man moving stacked boxes on a moving cart, with a pool in the background and a woman’s head in the foreground.
Keeping Your Cool During a Summer Move

It’s very common to move between May and September, and it’s really no wonder. Summer academic breaks mean moves have a reduced impact on kids’ routines and sleep schedules. Work responsibilities may be a bit lighter in the summer for some adults, making it easier to free up the necessary time to tackle a move...

21 Apr
Dirt bike in a dry, flat landscape with shrubs and trees.
Your Guide to Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Storage

Is your favorite trail or road calling your name? We know it is for us. As the warm months slide into place, it’s almost time to slide that Harley out of hiding. Not much longer now, and soon we’ll be flying down the highway with the wind in our hair like it was meant to...

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