Security Features

Top-notch security is a key part of a great self-storage experience. At MyPlace Self-Storage, we provide a number of advanced security features to help you have peace of mind while you store your belongings. Whether you need a safe place to park your vehicle or to rest easy knowing your belongings are in a secure storage unit, MyPlace Self-Storage has the secure storage options you need.

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Fully Fenced and Gated Self-Storage Facilities

One way that we keep our storage facilities protected is with gated access. Most MyPlace Self-Storage facilities are fully fenced and gated, requiring a unique PIN to be granted entry. That way, our grounds are exclusively accessible to staff and current tenants.

24-Hour Recorded Video Surveillance

At MyPlace Self-Storage, our facilities are kept under the watch of 24/7 digital video recording. With our security cameras, we have records of the activities that happen at our facilities. If you have questions about how our surveillance cameras might benefit your storage experience, contact us today.

Self-Storage Protection Plans

It’s best to be prepared for the unexpected. We offer affordable storage protection plans that give the contents within your storage unit extra protection from a range of occurrences, such as fires, building damage, and burglary. These plans help you protect the investment you have in your belongings at a low cost.

Clean, Well-Lit Self-Storage Facilities

You want a clean, well-lit storage place for your important belongings, and MyPlace Self-Storage offers just that! We strive to keep all of our self-storage facilities clean and in good condition, no matter which facility you’re at or when you drop by. Our facilities are also well-lit to ensure you won’t be stumbling through the dark to find your unit.

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With many advanced security features available across all MyPlace Self-Storage facilities, let us worry about our storage unit as you carry on with your day. Locate your closest self-storage facility to see all of the secure storage features available near you, then rent or reserve your secure storage unit at MyPlace today!