Storage Rental FAQs

The uses for self-storage are nearly endless! Whether you’re looking for yourself, your household, or your business, MyPlace Self-Storage is here to help you get settled into a storage rental at a facility near you. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of our most frequently asked questions – these should help you get started, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you run into more!

Rentals and Payments

Do you offer online rentals?

Yes, we do! We make it easy for you to rent or reserve your storage unit from the comfort of your home. Browse our available storage options at the MyPlace Self-Storage facility near you and rent your unit online.

Can I rent short-term storage?

Each storage facility offers month-to-month leasing options to match your storage needs. Whether you need a storage unit for a couple of months during a home renovation or military storage while away on deployment for a year, MyPlace Self-Storage has you covered. Take advantage of our month-to-month leasing options today. 

Is there anything I can’t store in my storage unit?

At MyPlace Self-Storage, we do not allow you to store perishable items, toxic materials, or anything that is flammable. Examples include food, firearms, fireworks, liquids, and explosives. 

How do I pay for my storage unit?

To pay for your self-storage unit, you can pay online via our online payment portal, or pay in person by stopping by our main office at select MyPlace Self-Storage locations. Enjoy easy payment options when you rent a storage unit from MyPlace today. 

Do I need to purchase a storage protection plan?

Yes, we do require that all tenants hold a storage protection plan. You can bring your own plan, or purchase a low-cost one through our rental process.

Features and Amenities

How do I know if I need climate-controlled storage?

If you live in an area prone to extreme weather conditions or drastic fluctuations in temperature, climate-controlled storage is the solution for you. These units remain within a consistent temperature range throughout the year to help your items resist damage such as warping, tearing, cracking, or fading. Rent climate-controlled storage to give your delicate items an added layer of protection. 

What can I store in a climate-controlled unit?

While most common household items are able to be stored in a standard unit, there are some that are more susceptible to temperature-related damage and require a more regulated environment. If you plan on storing items made of leather, lace, wood, or metal, they should ideally be stored in a climate-controlled unit. 

Examples of the types of items that should be stored in a storage unit with climate control include:

If you need additional information regarding how to prepare your items for long-term storage, check out our storage and packing tips page

Can I store my vehicle at MyPlace Self-Storage?

Select MyPlace Self-Storage locations offer convenient vehicle storage for small and large vehicles. Let us store your company car, ATV, Jet Ski, motorcycle, and four-wheeler. Check your local MyPlace Self-Storage to find vehicle storage near you. 

Please note that proof of insurance and registration are required for all vehicles kept at MyPlace Self-Storage. We do not allow on-site maintenance and do require that all vehicles kept with us are in operating condition.

Do you offer boat and RV storage?

Yes, a number of our storage facilities provide boat and RV storage. Additionally, many of our facilities have wide drive aisles and are fenced to make it easy for you to store your large recreational vehicles at our facilities. Rent boat and RV storage from your nearest MyPlace Self-Storage facility today.

What is drive-up storage?

When you rent drive-up storage, you gain access to an easy and convenient way to load and unload your storage items. Simply park at the entrance to your unit and unload your belongings directly from your vehicle. Now, you can save time and energy each time you need to access your storage unit. Take advantage of drive-up storage at MyPlace Self-Storage today.


What security features do you offer at your facilities?

At each storage location, you will find fully fenced facilities and well-lit areas for optimal visibility when accessing your storage unit. Select facilities also provide video recording and gated access to deter unwanted people from entering the facility. Enjoy peace of mind while storing your items at MyPlace Self-Storage.

What does gated access mean?

With gated access, each person renting a self-storage unit will be granted a unique PIN to be used upon entry whenever you need to stop by your unit. This will help keep unauthorized individuals from accessing your unit. For an additional layer of protection, you’ll also want to purchase a lock for your individual storage unit.

What is the difference between access hours and office hours?

Office hours refers to the hours in which a storage manager is on-site to answer questions and help you with your storage unit. Access hours are the times in which you are able to access your storage unit when an on-site storage expert is not present. Enjoy extended access hours at your nearest MyPlace Self-Storage facility.