Storage Protection Plan

At MyPlace Self-Storage, we know that protecting your belongings is a top priority for you. That’s why we make it a point to offer easy storage protection plans to our renters. While you can also use outside storage protection plans at our facilities, we make getting one through us simple, so you don’t have to go it all alone.

Basics of Storage Protection Plans

Storage protection plans are designed to protect your belongings from unplanned problems and other incidents that can cause damage or loss of value. For example, the policies cover loss of property caused by building collapses, natural disasters, burglary, and more. Your protection plan sign-up will be built in as part of your rental and move-in process, so you can stop worrying and store with us.

Cost of a Storage Protection Plan

The cost of a storage protection plan depends on the plan you choose and the value of the property you’re storing at MyPlace. Generally, plans start at around $12/month. To learn more and see exact rate options, just proceed through the online rental process or give the customer service team a call at your nearest MyPlace Self-Storage location.

FAQ About Storage Protection Plans From MyPlace Self-Storage

Do I need a storage protection plan to rent a MyPlace Self-Storage unit?

Yes, we require all of our tenants to have a plan protecting the items they’re storing at our facilities. Those storing vehicles on site must additionally show proof of state-valid vehicle insurance.

What incidents are covered by my storage protection plan?

While we do our very best to keep our facilities in tip-top shape and provide security features to help protect your belongings, a storage protection plan can help protect your personal or business investments if the unexpected happens. A storage protection plan provides added coverage for loss of value resulting from a wide variety of incidents, including:

Why do I need a storage protection plan?

While the worst is unlikely to happen, we want to make sure you’re covered just in case. With a storage protection plan, you have a financial safety net in place just in case something happens to your belongings while in storage.

At MyPlace Self-Storage, tenants are required to have a storage protection plan; you can bring a plan from another provider, or buy through our site. While you’re welcome to bring your own storage protection plan, many of our tenants choose to go ahead with our preferred ones, since they’re so easy to choose and rent when you start your storage rental at one of our locations nationwide.