Business Storage

Businesses will always grow. They gain more employees, more clients, and more everything. While it’s a good thing, there comes a problem. All that growth will leave you with less space. Supplies are building up, and you can’t find what you need anymore. When it comes to that point, you’ll need a storage unit.

MyPlace is happy to help you maximize your space by offering storage units in many sizes. With the various features and amenities they come with, you can reach your business goals in no time. Our storage units can benefit you no matter what type of business you’re in.

Business Self-Storage Features

If you’re wondering why you should choose MyPlace for your business self-storage needs, here’s what you need to know. Our storage units come in many sizes that can benefit your business, big or small. Choose whatever fits your needs. Besides their sizes, they all have many features and amenities you can use.

What Businesses Can Benefit From Self-Storage?

Many businesses from various industries can enjoy using self-storage, whether big or small. From having nowhere to put your extra tools or hardhats to getting a surplus order of take-out containers, we got what you need when needing more room. Our business self-storage is affordable and flexible when you rent with us, whether for the long or short term.

Storage Units for E-commerce

If you’re a bustling online business starting to lose space in your home due to all your supplies, we have you covered. We have storage units in all sizes to cater to your needs. Let us support your online business ventures by storing your items with us. Whether you store extra products you have ordered or your spare tools, they’ll be safe with us.

Storage Units for Local Contractors

Your toolbox can only fit so much, but our storage units can hold even more. Keep your gear safe with us until your next big project by renting one of our convenient, affordable storage units. We have enough space for tools, remodeling supplies, equipment, and any other essentials for your company. Maximize your storage as we keep your belongings safe and sound.

Storage Units for Restaurants and Catering

With the holidays coming and going, so do the decorations. Store your seasonal items with us as you prepare for the next! You can store your restaurant’s décor along with any paper and plastic goods in our units. We also have climate-controlled storage to help protect temperature-sensitive items, like artwork and photographs, from being damaged by extreme temperatures.

Storage Units for Realtors, Home Stagers, and Designers

We understand that selling homes is a difficult job to do. From moving the furniture to its rightful place to putting out lawn signs, it’s tough out there! Take it easy with us by renting our storage units for all your needs. Got some furniture that doesn’t look like it will help sell a home? You can keep it safe with us. Any extra lawn signs? We’ll take care of them for you until the next time you need them.

Business Self-Storage Near You

Self-storage is ideal, especially when it comes to businesses. And while your business may grow, your space can’t always keep up. Fortunately, we have all the space you need. Maximize your business with us by utilizing our MyPlace storage units. Whether you need to take things out when renovating an office or need somewhere to put all the extra supplies your building is hoarding, you can do it all at your nearest MyPlace Self-Storage facility. Rent a business storage unit with us today.