Storage & Packing Tips

If you’re new to utilizing self-storage or just want some expert advice, we’re here to help. At MyPlace Self-Storage, we have a ton of experience with packing and storing away items in our units. For that reason, we have some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your storage space.

Prepare Your Supplies

There are a few things you should do at the beginning of your storage process. Make sure to grab all the supplies you need, such as boxes and packing tape, or maybe plastic and/or pallets to get some of your items off the ground. You should also grab a pen and paper and even markers or labels to help keep track of each item or box you’re storing and where you’re placing it in your unit.

Prepare Your Belongings

There are certain items that should be stored in specific ways for the best results. Fragile items should be wrapped to prevent breaking. For metal items like bikes, you should wipe them down with machine oil to prevent corrosion. 

Electronics should be covered with items like blankets or towels to prevent scratches. Store them near the back of your unit to prevent further damage, but be careful when maneuvering large furniture around them.

For furniture, you should put pads on the feet to prevent damage to the legs and store cushions in furniture covers to keep them in good condition. While you can stack other items on top of your furniture, be careful to put something that won’t cause scratches on the item or place something soft between the items on top and the furniture to prevent scratches and scuffs. 

Maximize Your Space

We have several clever tricks you can use to make your space feel even better. First, you can look for spaces inside of furniture to store smaller items in. Drawers and shelves have gaps that can be filled to use the space effectively.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should start packing up when you start running out of space at eye level. Just be sure to keep track of your items and to be careful while stacking. You don’t want your belongings to fall and break or injure you.

Items You Shouldn’t Store

As an important note, don’t store hazardous materials or items that will spoil. Food shouldn’t be kept in storage units. You also shouldn’t store dangerous chemicals or highly flammable items like gasoline.

How to Rent Self-Storage

Wondering how to get started with a storage unit rental? With MyPlace Self-Storage the process is easy – just find a storage facility near you to find your storage unit and start a rental online! If you run into questions about your storage rental just reach out to our team.