Your Guide to Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Storage

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Is your favorite trail or road calling your name? We know it is for us. As the warm months slide into place, it’s almost time to slide that Harley out of hiding. Not much longer now, and soon we’ll be flying down the highway with the wind in our hair like it was meant to be.

We love our motorcycles and we love our dirt bikes (no jumps for us, but we’ll go off-road any day). That’s why we prioritize the essentials in storage and maintenance for both. Because when our rides aren’t in use, they don’t deserve to sit next to the side of the house, subjected to all Mother Nature has to throw at them.

MyPlace wants to walk you through our dirt bike and motorcycle storage ideas, as well as why you should start storing them as soon as possible to preserve their longevity. We can also help you out with finding a storage place when you find one of our self-storage facilities near you!

Dirt Bike and Motorcycle Storage Ideas

If you’re a dirt bike or motorcycle owner who has invested any effort trying to find or create an appropriate storage space for your bike, you know it can be a challenge. Whether you’re looking to store your motorcycle during the offseason or simply need some hacks to find enough storage or parking space in your garage, there are a few creative storage solutions available. Luckily, we’ve got some dirt bike and motorcycle storage ideas to help keep your bike safe and secure.

Find Space in Your Garage

If you are fortunate enough to have a garage, especially a garage with excess space that allows for you to fit in your car and a bike, using it is our top suggestion. Not everyone has access to a garage, but if you do, it’s likely the best and most convenient option.

Additionally, a garage can protect your bike from all the elements and maintain a relatively steady (though hardly perfect) climate throughout the year. Storing your bike in a secure space, like a private garage, also dramatically reduces the chances of theft.

Find Space in Your Shed

If you have access to an outdoor shed and there’s enough space left after the lawn mower, leaf blower, and everything else, then a shed is a solid dirt bike or motorcycle storage idea. It’s not particularly resistant to weather conditions like a climate-controlled storage unit would be, but it’ll create a protective space from the harshest conditions and theft. There are even some sheds designed specifically for motorcycles, with easy access features and ample maneuverability. This is one of the best ways to store a motorcycle without a garage.

Put Up a Canopy or Tarp

Person pulling a motorcycle tarp down over a tire.

If you’re short on time, money, and space, you can create a cover for your bike. This solution isn’t quite as protective as a fully enclosed space but can work if you have no other alternatives. This option is also particularly affordable since all you really need to get started is a tarp! Secure the tarp around your bike to help protect it from rain, hail, wind, and debris. Those living in an apartment or other living complex may also be able to combine the protection from a tarp with overhead protection from a carport. 

Although better than no buffering from the elements, neither of these solutions is an ideal method for long-term dirt bike or motorcycle storage, especially if you’re in a place with harsh elemental conditions. You’ll want to invest in a more protective, reliable form of storage sooner rather than later if you want to preserve your bike’s health over the years.

Take Advantage of a Self-Storage Unit for Small Vehicle Storage

One of the best ways to store a dirt bike or motorcycle without a garage of your own, renting a storage unit can provide great protection for your ride. Plus, self-storage facilities offer additional security features to put your mind at ease.

Along with providing a fully enclosed space for your bike, modern storage facilities, like those at MyPlace Self-Storage, are under video-recorded surveillance, and many have additional security features, like fences, keypad-protected facility entry, and on-site staff to help protect belongings stored on-site. These features can help you protect your bike from theft and put your mind at ease.

Can You Store Dirt Bikes and Motorcycles in Storage Units With MyPlace?

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If you are a proud owner of a motorcycle or dirt bike, we want you to feel like you have someone in your corner. At MyPlace Self-Storage, we’re here to help you find the secure storage solution you need for your motorcycle, dirt bike, and all your other belongings. We even offer month-to-month rentals, so you’ll be free to hit the highways (or go off-roading) without worrying about a long-term contract. Many of our facilities even offer extended or 24/7 facility access, so you’ll be free to come and go, no matter how early or late you’re out on a ride.

You’ll find excellent storage units and large vehicle parking storage at our storage facilities across the southern U.S. To get started with a storage unit rental for your motorcycle or dirt bike, just find a MyPlace Self-Storage facility near you and rent a space online!

We do require proof of insurance for all vehicles stored on-site. Additionally, vehicles stored at our self-storage facilities must be in working condition. Questions? Our team is here to answer all your vehicle storage questions. Just contact your preferred MyPlace location.

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